Aghy, Erzsébet

BORN 11 Jul 1896, Nagyvárad - DIED 23 Jul 1948, Budapest
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Kerepesi cemetery (24/1-1-54)

Erzsébet Ághy was the daughter of the actor Sándor Ághy. Her mother's name was Veronika Zách. In 1915 she entered the drama school in Budapest and in 1916 she was engaged at the Nemzeti Színház in Budapest where she stayed until 1944. She appeared in the movies "A nagymama" (1916), "A Gyurkovics leányok" (1917) and "Faun" (1918). On 9 April 1918 she was awarded the Farkas-Ratko Prize. She married the actor Uray Tivadar in 1919.


The grave of Erzsébet Ághy at the Kerepesi cemetery, Budapest.
Picture by Androom (05 Aug 2018)


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