Péchy, Erzsi

BORN 26 Apr 1888, Székelyhíd - DIED 20 Jul 1933, Budapest: Verebély Clinic
BIRTH NAME Garibaldi, Léoné
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Kerepesi cemetery (46-2-139)

Erzsi Péchy was educated in Oradea and cluj-Napoca bedore she went to Budapest, where she studied singing with Vilmosné Maleczky and Teréz V. Krammer. In 1912 she graduated from Kálmán Rózsahegyi 's acting school. She was contracted by the King's Theatre and on 4 June 1912 she was Mimóza in "Geishas". She successfully appeared in operettas at the Comedy Theatre in 1918. In 1923 she performed the part of Rózsi Friquet in "Remete csengetyujé" at the Royal Opera House. In September of that year was invited to perform at the Johann Strauss Theatre in Vienna.

In 1927 she made her first guest appearance in London. Her first husband was the railway official Károly Jónás, with whom she had a daughter. On 19 November 1931 she married Baron Leo Garibaldi. In 1932 she performed in Berlin. 1932 was also the year of her retirement. She died in 1933 in Budapest.


The grave of Erzsi Péchy at the Kerepesi cemetery in Budapest.
Picture by androom (20 Aug 2006)


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