Ruttkai, Éva

BORN 31 Dec 1927, Budapest - DIED 27 Sep 1986, Budapest
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Farkasrét cemetery (25-4-41)

Éva Ruttkai was born as Evá Russ. She came from a poor family and two brothers already worked as child actors when she started to do so aged two. She worked at the children´s theatre of Artúr Lakner andf attracted the attention of Dániel Jób. He was the director of the Vígszínház Theatre and contracted her when she was sixteen years old. She performed there until her death, except for the years 1948 to 1951 when she was engaged at the National Theatre. She played classical parts as well as modern parts and also appeared in movies and in television productions.

In 1950 she married Miklós Gábor (1918-1998) and in 1952 they had a daughter, Júlia. In 1960 she was awarded the Kossuth Prize. During rehearsals she met Zoltán Latinovits in 1960. They lived together until his death in 1976. She contined to appear on the stage until six months before her death in 1986.


The grave of Evá Ruttkai at the Farkasrét cemetery in Budapest.
Picture by androom (21 Aug 2006)


Éva Ruttkai.

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