Domján, Edit

BORN 25 Dec 1932, Budapest - DIED 26 Dec 1972, Budapest
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide by slashing wrists
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Farkasrét cemetery (27-5-54)

Edit Domján was the daughter of a technical administrator of a factory. She studied at the College of Theatre Arts in Budapest and at the College of Theater and Film Arts where she graduated in 1954. She debuted in that year as a chorus girl at the National Dance Theatre. By 1960 she was a well known performer. In the 1960s she appeared in several movies. From 1964 onwards she was engagd at the Madách Theatre. In 1965 she received the Jászai Mari Prize.

She married the actor Flórián Kaló in 1954, but they divorced in 1969. When she met the singer Pál Szécsi in January 1972 it was love at first sight. Soon she was pregnant, but the had an abortion and in October 1972 their passionate relationship ended. On 26 December 1972 she was to perform in Bernard Shaws "Candida" but she didn't show up. She was fund in her appartment with her wrists slashed and empty medicine boxes around her. She leaft farewell letters to her brother and to Flórián Kaló.


The grave of Edit Domján at the Farkasrét cemetery, Budapest.
Picture by Androom (06 Aug 2018)



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