Nicoletti, Susi

BORN 3 Sep 1918, München, Bayern - DIED 5 Jun 2005, Wien
BIRTH NAME Habersack, Susanne Emilie Luise Adele
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Döblinger Friedhof, Hartäckerstraße 65 (Gruppe 37, Reihe 1, Nummer 24 (Ehrengrab))

Susi Nicoletti was the daughter of the actress Consuela Nicoletti and the ship-owner Ernst Habersack. In 1927 she moved with her parents from Amsterdam to Munich. When she was thirteen she entered the stage at the Kammerspiele in Munich and when she was fifteen she was a solo dancer at the Opera in Munich.

In the early 1930s she turned her attention from dance to cabaret. In 1940 she moved to Munich, where she became a member of the Burgtheater, where she was engaged until 1992. She became a honorary Member in 1982 and her second husband Ernst Haeussermann was director of the Burgtheater. During the 1950s she also worked for the Theater in de Josefstadt. Between 1954 and 1989 she taught at the Max-Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. She had over 100 parts in movies and television productions, mostly supporting parts in comedies.

• Husband: Haeussermann, Ernst (1954-1984)


Susi Nicoletti.


The grave of Ernst Haeusserman and Susi Nicoletti at the Döblinger Friedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (19 Aug 2007)


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