Engelmann, Heinz

BORN 14 Jan 1911, Berlin - DIED 25 Sep 1996, Tutzing, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION Tutzing, Bayern: Neuer Friedhof, Heinrich-Vogl-strasse

Heinz Engelmann was trained as a salesman and worked as a carseller before he appeared in his first movie "Pour le Mérite" in 1938. It was one of the propaganda movies in which he appeared. In 1941 he joined the German army and he was imprisoned by the Americans.

After his release in 1946 he held an engagement at the Stadttheater in Hildesheim in 1946. In 1960 his appearance in the German television series Stahlnetz made him famous. In 1970 he suffered from health problems and he was less in the picture. His first wife was actress Gertrud Mayen.


The grave of Heinz Engelmann at the Neuer Friedhof in Tutzing.
Picture by androom (23 May 2006)


Heinz Engelmann.
Picture by Foto Binz (1941-1944)


Heinz Engelmann.
Picture by Michael Foth, Hamburg


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