Eisenbach, Heinrich

BORN 10 Aug 1870, wien: Novaragasse 30 - DIED 14 Apr 1923, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Hietzinger Friedhof, Maxingstraße 15, Hietzing (Gruppe 12, Nummer 150)

Heinrich eisenbach was the son of the merchant Julius Eisenbach from Cracow. Her mother was Pauline Feller.

When he was sixteen years old he appeared as a clown at the circus. He went to Budapest where he sang af concert cafés. In Budaperst he met his first wife Anna. In 1907 he founded his own company, the Eisenbach - Budapester Varieté that performed at the Hotel Stephanie. He also worked for the Budapester Orpheumgesellschaft, where he met his second wife was Maria Pleger (1879-1958), known as the singer Mitzi Telmont. In 1915 his company moved to a permanent location in Vienna, the Max und Moritz at the Annagasse and there he performed until his death in 1923. During his life he was treated for a depression by Sigmund Freud.

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The grave of Heinrich Eisenbach at the Hietzinger Friedhof, vienna.
Picture by Androom (25 Aug 2016)


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