Vespermann, Gerd

BORN 24 Jul 1926, Berlin - DIED 23 Nov 2000, München, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION Grünwald, Bayern: Waldfriedhof, Tölzer Strasse (XXII-63)

Gerd Vespermann was the son of actor Kurt Vespermann and actress/pianist Lia Eibenschutz. From 1941 onwards he studied piano for three years in Weimar. In 1946 he took acting lessons and after a few years of work at the provincial stages he started performing regularly in Berlin in 1954.

He was very successful in comedies during the sixties, both on the stage and on television. In 1964 he married the young actress Hannelore Elsner, but they divorced in 1966. One of his last big parts on the stage was Pickering in "My Fair Lady" in Munich. When his friends wanted to organize a party for his 75th birthday, his second wife Christiane had to tell them that he had died eight months before in 2000. She had kept his death a secret because he had wanted to be buried in silence.


The grave of Gerd Vespermann at the Waldfriedhof, Grünwald.
Picture by androom (24 May 2006)


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