Lavater-Sloman, Mary

BORN 14 Dec 1891, Hamburg - DIED 5 Dec 1980, Zürich
GRAVE LOCATION Zürich: Friedhof Fluntern, Zürichbergstrasse (Gruppe 9, UG 1322)

Mary Sloman came from a family of ship-owners from Hamburg. When she was eighteen years old the family moved to St. Petersburg. There she met the Swiss engineer Emil Lavater and they married in 1912 in Switzerland. In 1913 their daughter Warja was born. After a brief stay in Winterthur they settled in Moscow in 1914. They lived in Wintherthur from 1919 to 1920. From 1920 to 1922 they lived in Athens and in 1922 they finally settled in Winterthur.

Her husband was appointed manager of the Maschinenfabrik Sulzer. In 1926 her fifth child was born and Mary started writing. She wrote several books before her historical novel "Der Schweizerkönig" was published in 1935. After this her work became well known and more novels and biographies followed. Her husband retired in 1943 and they moved from Winterthur to Ascona. In 1955 "Genie des Herzens. Die Lebensgeschichte von Johann Kaspar Lavater." was published.

Lavater died in 1964 in Tessin. In 1967 she published "Lucrezia Borgia und ihr Schatten. Eine Chronik". In 1972 she moved to Zürich. Her last novel "Gefährte der Königin" was published in 1976. "Jeanne d’Arc. Die Heilige in Waffen" followed in 1977. She died in 1980 in Zürich.


The grave of Mary Lavater-Sloman at the Fluntern Cemetery, Zürich.
Picture by Androom (18 Aug 2005)


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