Neumann, Hertha

BORN 6 Mar 1910, Berlin - DIED 22 Aug 1977, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Parkfriedhof Lichterfelde, Thuner Platz 2-4 (Heideweg 34 (Im Walde), Grabstelle Nierendorf)

Daughter of the owner of an electronics shop in Berlin. When she was fourteen she left the home of her parents and she married the older merchant Bruno Neumann at an early age. She had a provision shop herself in Berlin-Tempelberg.

She took part in the cultural life of Berlin and knew Gustaf Grundgens, Tilla Durieux, Elsa Wagner, Paul Bildt and Wilhelm Furtwängler. In the 1940s she had met the painter Paul Hermann and she helped him with his career. Around 1960 she started painting seriously herself and her work was exhibited as part of a group of four (The others were Christa Düll, Horst Heinen and Hermann).

Related persons
• knew Bildt, Paul
• knew Durieux, Tilla
• knew Furtwängler, Wilhelm
• knew Gründgens, Gustaf
• knew Wagner, Elsa


The grave of Hertha Neumann and Paul Hermann at the Parkfriedhof Lichterfelde, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (30 Mar 2007)


Neumann-Viertel, Elisabeth

Published: 15 Jul 2007
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