Schrenck-Notzing, Albert Freiherr von

BORN 18 May 1862, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen: Osternburg - DIED 12 Feb 1929, München, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Waldfriedhof (003-W-10)

Albert Schrenck-Notzing was the son of the Rittmeister Franz von Schrenck-Notzing (1824-1905). He studied medicine in Munich and obtained a doctorate in 1888. He worked as a medical doctor in Munich and was also the first psychotherapist in the area. He was known for his experiments with hypnotism. But his main interest was psychic research. After he married Gabriele Siegle (1872-1953), the daughter of the very rich industrialist Gustav von Siegle, he was able to devote himself to the study of paranormal phenomena. With Gabriele he had two sons.

When he investigated the medium Eva Carrière he thought that her ectoplasm was real but believed that it came from her own mind and not from spirits. When she was investigated in London in 1920 it turned out to be made of chewed paper. He considered medium Ladislas Lasslo to be a real medium but Lasslo confessed in 1924 that he was a fraud. Schrenk-Notzing published "Der Betrug des Mediums Ladislaus Laszlo" in that year. Another medium, Karl Kraus, was also proclaimed genuine by him, but he was exposed by Hans Thirring in Vienna in 1924.

In 1929 Schrenck-Notzing died in Munich. His son Leopold (1894-1970) was a member of the supervisory board of IG Farbenindustrie AG from 1929 to 1945.


The grave of Albert, Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing at the Waldfriedhof, Munich.
Picture by Androom (22 Aug 2007)


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