Baltazzi, Heinrich

BORN 5 Aug 1858, Therapia (near Constantinople) - DIED 17 Feb 1929, Baden, Niederösterreich: Schloß Leesdorf
GRAVE LOCATION Baden (near Wien), Niederösterreich: Helenenfriedhof, Steinbruchgasse (gruppe 5)

Heinrich Baltazzi was a brother of Helena Baltazzi, the mother of Mary Vetsera who died together with crown prince Rudolph. He served as an officer in the Austrian army. Together with his wife Paula Scharschmid von Adlertreu he bought Schloss Leesdorf in Baden near Vienna and he restored it.

He had a love affair with Marie Louise von Larisch-Wallersee and possibly he was the father of her children Mary and Georg. Certain is that Georg killed himself after he heard that Georg von Larisch-Moennich wasn't his father.

Related persons
• was the lover of Larisch, Marie, baronin von Wallersee
• is uncle/aunt of Vetsera, Mary


The Baltazzi tomb at The Helenen Friedhof, Baden.
Picture by Androom (21 Sep 2004)


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Baltazzi, Helena, Baroness Vetsera

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