Lee-Hamilton, Eugene

BORN 6 Jan 1845, London - DIED 9 Sep 1907, Bagna di Lucca, Toscana: Villa Pierotti
GRAVE LOCATION Firenze, Toscana: Cimitero Evangelico Agli Allori, Via Senese 184, Galluzo (2PPsSA V 20u (ashes))

Older half-brother of Violet Paget (whose pen name was Vernon Lee). He spent his early years in France and Germany. After his studies in Oxford he entered the British diplomatic service in 1869. He worked at the Briths Embassy in Paris but by the time the Franco-German War started he was seriously overworked. He was forced to give up a position in Lisbon 1873 after his health broke down completely and he lost the use of his legs.

His mother and Violet took care of him for many years and Violet tried to find publishers for his poetical works in England. In 1882 "The New Medusa" was published, followed by "Imaginary Sonnets" in 1888. In 1894 his "Sonnets of the Wingless Hours" was published. In 1896 his mother died and his health quickly improved.

He went to Canada and to the USA on a pilgrimage to the shrine of a female American poet whose single volume of poetry had attracted is attention. After his return to Europe he met the author Annie Holdsworth, who had befrieded Vernon Lee. They married in 1898 and lived in San Gervasio near Florence.

In 1903 he published the obscure book "The Lord of the Red Star". Also in 1903 Annie and he had a daughter, Persis Margaret, but she died of meningitis on 2 Oct 1904. He died himself in 1907 in Bagna di Lucca and was buried in Florence.

• Wife: Holdsworth, Annie E. (1898-)

Related persons
• is half-brother/half-sister of Lee, Vernon


The grave of Vernon Lee (Violet Paget) and Eugene Lee-Hamilton at the Cimitero Evangelico Agli Allori, Florence.
Picture by androom (04 Feb 2011)


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