Rawlinson, Robert

BORN 28 Feb 1810, Bristol - DIED 31 May 1898, London
GRAVE LOCATION London: Brompton Cemetery, Old Brompton Road, West Brompton (1F)

Robert Rawlinson started his career in the engineer's office at the Liverpool Docks in 1831. In 1836 he was engaged by Robert Stephenson as his assistant at the London & North-Western Railway. From 1844 to 1847 he was the head engineer at the Bridgewater Canal. After the Public Health Act of 1848 was passed he became an inspector of sanitary connditions.

In 1855 he left for the Crimea to improve the conditions for the British soldiers. Soon he succeeding in reducing the death rates of illnesses.

After investigating the problems with the cotton manufacturing industry and reporting on it, he became chairman of the Royal Commission on the Pollution of Rivers in 1866 and subsequently he became chief engineering inspector to the Local Government Board until 1888.


The grave of Robert Rawlinson at Brompton Cemetery, London.
Picture by Androom (27 May 2004)


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Published: 19 Apr 2014
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