Gioberti, Vincenzo

BORN 5 Apr 1801, Torino, Piemonte - DIED 26 Oct 1852, Paris
GRAVE LOCATION Torino, Piemonte: Cimitero Monumentale, Corso Novara (B 7 (Ampliazione 1, Arcata 166))

Vincenzo Gioberti lost his parents at an early age. When he was sixeen years old he joined the clerics of the court and he studied theology in Turin. In 1825 he became a priest and he was appointed court chaplain. In 1828 he travelled in Lombardy and he befriended Manzini and others. Under the pseudonym Demofilo he contributed to Manzini's "Giovane Italia".

After he resigned his chaplaincy he was arrested. It couldn't be proved that he was involved in political schemes but he was expelled from Italy and he moved to Paris. In financial need he accepted a job as philosophy teacher in Brussels. In Brussels he wrote his important philosophical works and he stayed there for eleven years.

After publication of his book "Del Buono" the Grand Duke of Tuscany wanted to offer him a professorship at the University of Pisa, but king Charles Albert of Sardinia objected to his appointment and it was withdrawn. His "Del primato morale e civile degli Italiani" was published in 1843 and in futher publications he attacked the Jesuits.

He left Brussels in 1845 and lived in Paris and Lausanne before he returned to Italy in 1848. He was received by the pope, visited king Charles Albert and was elected president of the Chamber of Deputies in Turin. From December 1848 to February 1849 he was prime minister of Sardinia.

His political influence ended after the new King Victor Emmanuel II came to power in March 1849. Gioberti was sent to Paris as ambassador but he resigned after a few months. He stayed in Paris, where he died in 1852.

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The graves of Vincenzo Gioberti at the Cimitero Monumentale, Turin.
Picture by Androom (28 Feb 2014)


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