Hoppe, Marianne

BORN 26 Apr 1909, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - DIED 23 Oct 2002, Siegsdorf, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Hoppe, Marianne Stefanie Paula Henni Gertrud
GRAVE LOCATION Siegsdorf, Bayern: Friedhof Siegsdorf

Marianne Hoppe grew up on an estate in Felsenhagen. She went to Weimar to be educated in banking, but there she secretly took acting lessons until she decided in 1927 to study at the school of the Deutschen Theater in Berlin. Soon she debuted on the stage and Max Reinhart contracted her for two years.

In 1928 she met Gustaf Gründgens and acted together with him for the first time. The next years she held engagements in Frankfurt am Main and Munich. During the 1930s she appeared in several movies. She had an affair with Ödön von Horvath, but she didn't follow him abroad after the nazis came to power. In 1936 Pamela Wedekind advised Gründgens, who was homosexual, to marry Hoppe and she consented when he asked her. Gründgens was protected by Hermann Göring and he and Hoppe continued to work during the war.

In 1945 Gründgens was arrested, but with the help of the journalist Ralph Izzard and the testimony of several others he was released in 1946. By that time Hoppe was pregnant by Izzard and to the suprprise of many Gründgens asked for a divorce, although he made it clear that they might marry again in later times. Her son Benedikt was born in Dinkelsbühl in Bavaria later that year. In 1947 she moved to Scharam near Traunstein, where she bought a house.

By 1947 Gründgens was general director of the theatre in Düsseldorf and under his direction she returned to the stage. She continued her career in Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna and other cities until she was nearly ninety years old. During the 1970s she lived with the actress Anni Mewes. She died in Siegsdorf in Bavaria in 2002 and was buried there.

• Husband: Gründgens, Gustaf (1936-1946, Berlin) (divorce or separation)

Related persons
• was pupil of Höflich, Lucie
• had a relationship with Horváth, Ödön von
• was pupil of Reinhardt, Max


Marianne Hoppe.


Marianne Hoppe.


Marianne Hoppe.

Marianne Hoppe.
Picture by Froelich Film


The grave of Marianne Hoppe in Siegsdorf, Bayern.
Picture by Androom (26 Aug 2010)


Marianne Hoppe.


Marianne Hoppe.
Picture by Greinert


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