Brieux, Eugène

BORN 19 Jan 1858, Paris - DIED 6 Dec 1932, Nice, Alpes-Maritimes
GRAVE LOCATION Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes: Cimetière du Grand-Jas, 205 avenue de Grasse (Allée des Chrysanthèmes)

Author of plays that are mostly about errors in the social system like corruption in politics or fashionable charity. He was the son of a carpenter and liked literature from an early age. He worked as a journalist and was editor of "Nouvelliste" in Rouen.

His one act play "Bernard Palissy" was staged in 1879, but it took eleven years before another one followed. In 1890 "Ménage d'artistes" was produced by Antoine. In 1892 "Blanchette" was his first success.

He returned to Paris, where he married and continued writing plays, amonh them "La Robe rouge" (1900) and "La Femme seule" (1912). In 1909 he was elected into the Académie française, where he took seat 22 as the successor of Ludovic Halévy.


The grave of Eugène Brieux at the Cimetière du Grand-Jas, Cannes.
Picture by Androom (30 Nov 2008)


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Eugène Brieux

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