Ensslin, Gudrun

BORN 15 Aug 1940, Bartholomä, Baden-Württemberg - DIED 18 Oct 1977, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg: Stammheim
GRAVE LOCATION Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg: Dornhaldenfriedhof (Abt. 99, last row before the terraces, 3rd grave on the left)

Gudrun Ensslin was politically active as a student. In 1967 she joined the protest in Berlin on 2 June where the young pacifist Benno Ohnesorg was killed. In 1968 she tried to burn down two department stores in Frankfurt am Main with her new boyfriend Andreas Baader. After a year in jail they were released pending an appeal. They fled to France together with Thorwald Proll. They joined the guerilla group of Horst Mahler, but Baader was arrested soon afterwards. Ensslin and her friend Ulrike Meinhoff made a plan to free him from jail but it didn't happen.

Ensslin was captured on 7 June 1972 in a boutique in Hamburg. Her trial was the most expensive in German history but it led to a conviction. On 18 October 1977 she hung herself in her cell in Stuttgart-Stammheim although according to some she was murdered. On the same morning Andreas Baader and Jan-Carl Raspe died in the same prison. They were buried at the Dornhaldenfriedhof in Stuttgart.

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• had a relationship with Baader, Andreas


The grave of Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe at the DorhaldenFriedhof, Stuttgart.
Picture by Androom (06 Mar 2015)


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