Ráth, György

BORN 6 May 1828, Szeged - DIED 7 Jul 1905, Budapest
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Kerepesi cemetery (10/1-1-1)

Together with his brother Mór Ráth, György Rath took part in the Revolution and the War of Indepence of 1848-1849. He studied law and enjoyed a career as a lawyer. In 1860 he became a judge and a secretary to the Roya Courts of Appeal of Pest. He wrote several legal manuals.

Györgi also collected books and works of applied art. He wrote studies about the Hungarian Reformation and other subjects. In 1881 he founded the Iparmuvészeti Múzeumot (the Museum of Applied Arts). He served as its director until 1896. He died in 1905 and left his library to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His villa and his art collection formed the György Rath Museum that opened in 1906. His collection was kept together there until the early 1950s and the villa is still a museum.


György Rath's tomb at the Kerepesi cemetery, Budapest.
Picture by Androom (29 Jan 2001)


Rattenhuber, Johann

Published: 07 Sep 2021
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