Rode, Bernhard

BORN 25 Jul 1725, Berlin - DIED 24 Jun 1797, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: St. Marien- und St. Nikolai-Friedhof I, Prenzlauer Allee 1, Pankow (VIII-6-8 (Feld N, Ehrengrab))

Bernhard Rode was the son of Christian Bernhard Rode, who was a goldsmith. His broters were sculptor Philipp Rode and copper engraver Johann Heinrich Rode. He was educated as a painter by Antoine Pesne and from 1748 in travelled to study for several years. He worked in the studios of Jean Restout and Charles André van Loo. In venice and rome he studied the workds of the old masters. After his return to Berlin in 1755 or 1756 and in 1757 he married his wife Sophie Louise. They had no children.

Due to an annuity from his father's assets he was financially independent and he was able to take him time for his works and occasionally he gave them away. He made altar pieces for churches in Brandenburg and several of his paintings are still in the Marienkirche in Berlin Mitte. In 1756 he became a member of the Berlin Academy of Arts and in 1783 he succeeded Le Sueur as its director. From around 1785 he developed health problems but he remained active until shortly before his death.

Related persons
• was a friend of Chodowiecki, Daniel
• painted Friedrich II der Grosse, König von Preussen
• was pupil to Pesne, Antoine


The grave of Bernhard Rode at the St. Marien und St. Nikolai Friedhof I, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (11 Aug 2020)


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