Nelken, Dinah

BORN 16 May 1900, Berlin - DIED 14 Jan 1989, Berlin
BIRTH NAME Schneider, Bernhardine
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Dritte Schöneberger Friedhof, Stubenrauchstraße 43-45 (24-372)

Dinah Schneider was the daughter of an actor. She was educated in Berlin and in the 1920s her first short stories and serials were published. She also wrote for the cabaret "Die Unmöglichen". She joined the artist colony Wilmersdorf and there she wrote the novel "Eineinhalb Zimmer Wohnung" (1932).

In 1936 she moved to Vienna with her future husband, the bookseller Heinrich Ohlenmacher, who had been released from concentration camp Esterwegen. In Vienna she wrote film scripts. In 1939 she wrote the novel "Ich an dich" together with her brother Rolf Gero Schneider, who was a painter. It was turned into a movie with Brigitte Horney under the title "Eine Frau wie du".

After Austria came under control of the nazis she moved to the isle of Korcula. In 1943 she moved to Italy, where she worked for the publisher Mondadori. In Italy she married Ohlenmacher and in 1950 she returned to West Berlin with her husband. Het novel "Spring über deinen Schatten, spring!" (1954) was about her experiences with fascism. In the 1970s and the 1980s she was active for "Künstler für den Frieden" ("Artists for Peace").


The grave of Dinah Nelken at the Dritte Schöneberger Friedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (15 Nov 2004)


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