Herter, Ernst

BORN 14 May 1846, Berlin - DIED 21 Dec 1917, Berlin: Charlottenburg
BIRTH NAME Herter, Ernst Gustav
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Alter Friedhof der Zwölf-Apostel-Gemeinde, Kolonnenstraße 24/25, Schöneberg (F. 5 R. 31)

Ernst Herter was the son of the Building and Admiralty Council Gustav Adolf Herter (1804-1882). He was educated at the Academy of Arts in Berlin and also studied under Ferdinand August Fischer, Gustav Blaeser and Albert Wolff. He started his own workshop in 1869 at the Schönhauser Tor. His "Antigone" (1873) was owned by emperor Wilhelm I.

In 1875 he travelled to Italy to study and afterwards he settled in Berlin. For empress Elisabeth of Austria he created "Dying Achilles" for the Achilleion on Corfu in 1884. In 1885 he married Elisabeth Wiebe (1861-1939) with whom he had five children. They moved to Charlottenburg in 1900. He died in Berlin in 1917.

In many cities in Germany his statues can be found. One of his creations was the Hermes statue for the Hermesvilla in Vienna.

Related persons
• designed grave monument of Bargiel, Woldemar
• executed grave monument for Bartling, Eduard
• was pupil of Blaeser, Gustav
• worked for Elisabeth von Bayern, Kaiserin von Österreich


The grave of Ernst Herter at the Alter Friedhof der Zwölf-Apostel-Gemeinde, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (24 Aug 2017)


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