Schauroth, Lina von

BORN 9 Dec 1874, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen - DIED 6 Nov 1970, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen
BIRTH NAME Holzmann, Lina
GRAVE LOCATION Frankfurt am Main, Hessen: Hauptfriedhof (Gewann F, 1786)

Lina von Schauroth was the youngest daughter of Philipp Holzmann, the wealthy owner of a building company. Her wealth enabled her to live as she pleased. She always wore men's clothes.

According to her own wishes, in 1895 she married army officer Hans von Schauroth. They shared a love for horses and she accompanied him in Germany if his garnison moved to another place. She studied painting with Wilhelm Trübner, who portrayed her on horseback in 1902. In 1905 her son Udo von Schauroth was born. He would become an architect in Frankfurt am Main. After her husband died in 1909 in a riding accident she continued her studies with Ludwig Hohlwein in München. During the First World War she managed a soldier's home.

She was a painter of animals herself and horses were her most frequent subject. She also worked with glass, creating the windows for the Evangelical Church in Preungesheim and for the the Alte Nikolaikirche in Frankfurt am Main. She died in 1970 and was buried next to her husband, whose funeral memorial she had carved from granite 60 years before.

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• was pupil to Hohlwein, Ludwig
• was pupil to Trübner, Wilhelm
• was painted by Trübner, Wilhelm


The grave of Lina von Schauroth at the Hauptfriedhof, Frankfurt.
Picture by Androom (28 Feb 2000)


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