Frith, William Powell

BORN 9 Jan 1819, Aldfield, Yorkshire - DIED 2 Nov 1909, London
GRAVE LOCATION London: Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green (Catacombs B, Vault 143 (ashes))

Son of domestic servants. He was educated at the Henry Sass Academy, London and during this time he earned his living by painting portraits.

In 1845 he became an associate of the Rotal Academy and in 1853 a member of that institution. In the sixties his paintings of subjects from modern life fetched large sums, but as he grew older his work lost it's popularity.

He died in 1909 and he was cremated in woking. His ashes were placed in the columbarium at Kensal Green Cemetery. At the outbreak of the Second World War there were taken to the catacombs of the cemetery where they still are.

Work: "Ramsgate Sands" (1854); "Derby Day" (1858); "The Railway Station" (1862); "Before Dinner in Boswell's Lodgings" (1868).

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