Brown, Oliver Madox

BORN 20 Jan 1855, London: Grove Villas, Finchley - DIED 5 Nov 1874, London: 37 Fitzroy Square
CAUSE OF DEATH blood poisoning (after fever)
GRAVE LOCATION London: St. Pancras and Islington Cemetery and Islington Crematorium, 278 High Road, East Finchley (on the hill behind the Mond mausoleum)

Oliver Madox Brown was the son of the painter Ford Madox Brown and his second wife Emma Hill. He was known as Nolly. His education at the junior school at University College was no success because was untidy and lacked discipline. He was sent home and educated by his father. His father's friend Jules Andrieu taught him Latin and French.

He wrote sonnets when he was thirteen years old and as a painter he was so talented that he already exbihited when he was fifteen years old. In 1871 he studied briefly at the studio of Victor Barthé in Chelsea and he promptly recieved a prize in a drawing competition judged by G.F. Watts. On 5 November 1873 his prose work "Gabriel Denver" was published. William Michael Rossetti noted in his diary that Nolly had astonished everybody by writing a tale of such passion and power.

But Oliver had fallen ill with peronitis. In September 1874 it became clear that was dying, vut he continued writing from his bed. He died at home on 5 November 1874.

• Father: Madox Brown, Ford
• Mother: Hill, Emma
• Sister: Madox Brown, Lucy


The grave of Ford Madox Brown at the St. Pancras and Islington Cemetery, London.
Picture by Androom (27 May 2014)


The grave of Ford Madox Brown at St. Pancras and Islington Cemetery, London.
Picture by Androom (27 May 2014)


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