Busoni, Ferrucio

BORN 1 Apr 1866, Empoli, Toscana - DIED 27 Apr 1924, Berlin
BIRTH NAME Busoni, Ferruccio Dante Michelangiolo Benvenuto
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Dritte Schöneberger Friedhof, Stubenrauchstraße 43-45 (6-56)

Ferrucio Busini was the son of the clarinettist Ferdinando Busoni. His mother, the pianist Anna Weiss, was half German. Ferrucio gave his first piano concert in Tieste as a child. When he was ten years old he played in Vienna and was noted by the critic Hanslick.

In 1876 the family moved to Graz, where Wilhelm Mayer was his teacher. Around 1883 he went to Vienna, where he met Brahms. In 1886 he settled in Leipzig. In 1890 he married Gerda Sjostrand, the daughter of a sculptor, in Moscow. He accepted a position to teach at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, but after a year he resigned.

In 1894 he moved to Berlin. From there he toured in Europe and performed in many of its capitals. He visited the USA four more times between 1904 and 1915. He gave masterclasses in Weimar, Vienna and Basel. In 1912 his opera "Die Brautwahl", based on a story by E.T.A. Hofmann, was staged in Berlin.

During the First World War he lived in Switzerland, but in 1920 he returned to Berlin. There he directed masterclasses at the Academy of Art in Berlin during his last years. He died in 1924 in Berlin. His opera "Doktor Faust" was left unfinished.

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The grave of Ferruccio Busoni at the Dritte Schöneberger Friedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (15 Nov 2004)


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