Kalb, Charlotte von

BORN 25 Jul 1761, Waltershausen, Thüringen - DIED 12 May 1843, Berlin
BIRTH NAME Freiin Marschalk von Ostheim, Charlotte Sophie Juliane
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Dreifaltigkeitskirchhof II, Bergmanstrasse 39-41, Kreuzberg (B-HA-14)

Charlotte Freiin Marschalk von Ostheim married Heinrich von Kalb, an officer in French service, in 1783. She didn't love him. In 1784 she met Schiller in Mannheim and by the time he was forced to leave Mannheim in 1785 they were close friends. In 1787 Schiller joined her in Weimar and they considered marriage around that time.

In 1793 Hölderlin became teacher to her son at Waltershausen. She became close friends with the author Jean Paul now, but he married another woman.

In 1804 she lost her entire fortune and in 1806 her husband shot himself. From 1820 onwards she was blind and the lived at the Royal Schloss in Berlin. She died in 1843. During her life she published nothing, but her memoires were published in 1879 and her daughter Edda published her novel "Cornelia" (1851) and some of her poetry.

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• was a friend of Hölderlin, Friedrich
• was a friend of Jean Paul
• was a friend of Schiller, Friedrich von


The grave of Charlotte Kalb at the Dreifaltigkeitsfriedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (18 Aug 1996)


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Kalkbrenner, Friedrich Wilhelm

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