Weigel-Brecht, Helene

BORN 12 May 1900, Wien - DIED 6 May 1971, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Dorotheenstädtischen Friedhof, Chausseestrasse (CAM-1-26/27 (Ehrengrab, 1. Weg li., li. S.))

Helene Weigel was came from a Jewish family. She was the daughter of a lawyer. She started a liaison with Bertold Brecht and in 1924 their son Stefan was born. They married in 1929. In 1930 she joined the Communist Party. During that same year their daughter Barbara was born. Her best known acting part was "Mutter Courage" in the play of the same name.

In 1933 they fled Germany for the nazis and after several years in Denmark and shorter periods in Denmark and Sweden they moved to the USA. During their exile she was hardly able to work as an actress. In 1949 they returned to Germany and settled in East Berlin. After Brecht's death in 1956 she took over the management of the Berliner Ensemble until her own death in 1971.

• Husband: Brecht, Bertolt (1929-1956)


The grave of Bertolt Brecht and Helene Weigel at the Dorotheenstädtischen Friedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (16 Aug 2010)


Wikipedia (EN): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helene_Weigel

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Published: 04 Dec 2010
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