Vörösmarty, Mihály

BORN 1 Dec 1800, Nyék - DIED 19 Nov 1855, Pest
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Kerepesi cemetery (JOBB 82)

Romantic poet. His father died when he was still young and he paid for his own academical studies by working as a tutor. In 1825 his patriotism was aroused and this influenced his poetry. He fell in love with Etelka Perczel who was socially his superior.

His work for newspapers was pooly paid, but he managed to write several drama's and epics between 1823 and 1831. He became a member of the philological section of the new Hungarian Academy and would eventually succeed Károly Kisfaludy as its director.

He wrote many more drama's between 1830 and 1843. In that hear he married Laura Csajághy and she inspired him to write a series of erotical poems.

During the revolution of 1848 he was a member of the National Assembly. In 1849 he became a judge at the high court. After the revolution was repressed he was convicted and exiled by the Austrians, but he was pardoned and returned to Hungary in 1850. He had prematurely grown old and he died in the house in Pest where Károly Kisfaludy had died 25 years before. He left no money and Ferenc Deák acted as a guardian to his children.


Mihóly Vörösmarty's tomb at the Kerepesi cemetery, Budapest.
Picture by Androom (29 Jan 2001)


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