Kraepelin, Emil

BORN 15 Feb 1856, Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - DIED 7 Oct 1926, München, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg: Bergfriedhof, Rohrbacher Strasse (Abteilung V)

Emil Kraepelin was the son of a civil servant. He studied Medicin in Leipzig and Würzburg. In Leipzig Paul Flechsig and Wilhelm Wundt were among his teachers. In 1879 he went to Munich to work with Bernard von Gudden and there he completed his thesis "The Place of Psychology in Psychiatry".

In 1882 he returned to Leipzig and in 1883 he published "Compendium der Psychiatrie" in which he stated that psychiatry was a medical science and research should be conducted in a way similar to the other natural sciences. In 1884 he married Ina Schwabe. They had eight children, but only four of them survived infancy.

In 1886 he became professor of psychiatry at the University of Dorpat (now Tartu). In 1890 he moved on to Heidelberg where he was the head of the Universitäts-Irrenklinik until 1903. In 1903 he travelled to Italy and Asia with his brother Karl and after his return he worked in Munich where he founded the Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Psychiatrie in 1917. It is now a part of the Max-Planck-Institut for Pshychiatry in Munich. Kraepelin is often regarded as the founder of modern scientific psychology.

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• was teacher of Alzheimer, Alois
• worked for Gudden, Bernard von


The grave of Emil Kraepelin at the Bergfriedhof, Heidelberg.
Picture by Androom (21 Aug 2010)


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