Waugh, Andrew Scott

BORN 3 Feb 1810 - DIED 21 Feb 1878, London: 7 Petersham Terrace, Kensington
GRAVE LOCATION London: Brompton Cemetery, Old Brompton Road, West Brompton (East Terrace, 862 feet from North Wall)

Andrew Scott Waugh was the son of general Gilbert Waugh. He studied in Edinburgh and joined the army. He went to work on the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India under George Everest in 1832.

In 1843 he replaced Everest as Surveyor-General and continued his work. In 1852 it was announced that a peak was found that was possibly the highest in the world. In 1856 Waugh published this result and named the peak Mount Everest in honour of Sir George. At the time he wasn't aware of the Tibetan name of the peak, Chomolungma.

In 1858 he became a fellow of the Royal Society. In 1861 Waugh was promoted to major-General and Henry Thuillier succeeded him as Surveyor General. His "Instructions for Topographical Surveying" was published in 1861.

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The grave of Andrew Scott Waugh Brompton Cemetery, London.
Picture by Androom (19 Aug 2017)


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