Ludwig Wilhelm, Herzog in Bayern

BORN 21 Jun 1831, München, Bayern - DIED 6 Nov 1920, München, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Ostfriedhof, St.-Martins-Platz 1 (left wall 251/253)

Oldest son of Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria and princess Ludovica of Bavaria. He was the brother of empress Elisabeth of Austria. He renounced his rights for his morganatic marriage to the actress Henriette Mendel in 1859. In 1858 their daughter Marie was born and she would be known under the name of Marie Larisch for her involvement in the Mayerling tragedy. After Henriette died in 1891 he married another actress in 1892, Barbara Barth.

• Daughter: Larisch, Marie, baronin von Wallersee


The grave of Ludwig in Bayern at the Ostfriedhof, Munich. Marie Larisch was also buried in this grave.
Picture by Androom (19 Jan 2004)


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Ludwig, Emil

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