Sophie von Bayern

BORN 27 Jan 1805, München, Bayern - DIED 28 May 1872, Wien
BIRTH NAME Sophie Friederike Dorothea Wilhelmine von Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Kapuzinergruft, Tegetthoffstraße 2

Sophie von Bayern was the daughter of king Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his second wife Karoline Friederieke Wilhelmine von Baden. Princess Maria Anna of Bavaria, the future queen of Saxony, was her identical twin. Against the customs of the time, her parents took active care of the upbringing of her and her siblings. Her father wanted her to marry Franz Karl of Austria, the second son of emperor Franz I. When she met him she didn't like him but politics prevailed and they were married in 1824 in Vienna.

Afgter six years of marriage their son Franz Joseph was born and Maximilian, Karl Ludwig and Ludwig Victor followed. Her only daughter Maria Anna was born in 1835 but died in 1840. She was a close friend of Napoleon I's unfortunate son Franz, who lived at the court in Vienna. He died two days before Maximilian was born in 1832.

After the revolution of 1848 her husband Franz Karl decided not to accept the throne if favour of their son Franz Joseph. If his first years of emperor she advised him om politics. After her favorite son Maximilian was shot in Mexico in 1867 she lost her joy in life. She died in 1872 in Vienna.

• Son: Franz Joseph von Habsburg, Emperor of Austria
• Son: Maximilian of Austria, emperor of Mexico
• Son: Ludwig Viktor, Erzherzog von Österreich

Related persons
• was a friend of Napoleon II, Duke of Reichstadt

21/5/1832Sophie von Bayern predicts Reichstadt's death [Napoleon II, Duke of Reichstadt]
4/7/1832Last meeting between Sophie von Bayern and Reichstadt. Two days later Sophia's son Maximilian was born. Reichadt, also known as Napoleon II, died on July 22th. He and sophia had been close friends and possible they had been lovers. [Napoleon II, Duke of Reichstadt]
16/8/1853First meeting between emperor Franz Joseph and Elisabeth [Elisabeth von Bayern, Kaiserin von Österreich][Franz Joseph von Habsburg, Emperor of Austria]
18/1/1868Maximilian of Austria is buried in Vienna. On 17 January his body had arrived at the Südbahnhof (Southern Railway Station) in Vienna. Apart from the empress Elisabeth the entire imperial family was there. The next day he was buried in the Kapuzinergruft, where he was laid to rest next to the Duke of Reichstadt, Napoleon's son. Because it was cold in Vienna and it was carnival, the service at the Hofburg on the 17th had received little visitors. Maximilian's mother Sophia insisted on accompanying the body to the Kapuzinergruft through the cold. [Franz Joseph von Habsburg, Emperor of Austria][Maximilian of Austria, emperor of Mexico]


The tomb of archduchess Sophie von Bayern in the Kapuzinergruft, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (31 Aug 2002)


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