Dickens, Charles Culliford Boz

BORN 6 Jan 1837, London: Furnival's Inn, Holborn - DIED 20 Jul 1896, London: Fulham
CAUSE OF DEATH heart disease
GRAVE LOCATION London: Old Mortlake Burial Ground, South Worple Way (Avenue Gardens) (Section S grave 148)

Charles Culliford Boz Dickens was the first child of novelist Charles Dickens and his wife Catherine Hogarth. His family called him Charley. He was educated at Eton and subsequently studied German and business at Baron Tauchnitz's publishing company in Leipzig. In 1855 he started to work for Barings Bank. After the marriage of his parents broke up he lived with his mother. After his parents separated in 1858 he lived with his mother. His father encouraged him to pursue a business career and with the idea of becoming a tea merchant he went to China, Hong Kong and Japen in 1860.

In 1861 he married Bessie Evans (15/06/1840-18/04/1907), the daughter of Dickens' former publisher Frederick Evans. They had eight children. He had a started a printing business, but he went bankrupt. After that his father contracted him as sub-editor for "All the Year Round". Soon afterwards Dickens senior died and he became its owner and editor. He also bought his father's house at Gads Hill Place during when it was auctioned, but in 1879 he had to give it up.

In cooperation with his Frederick Evans he published two dictionaries on his father in 1879: "Dickens's Dictionary of London" and "Dickens's Dictionary of the Thames". He died in 1896 of a heart disease and was buried at Mortlake Cemetery on 23 July 1896. On the same day his sister Mary was buried at Sevenoaks.

• Father: Dickens, Charles
• Mother: Hogarth, Catherine
• Sister: Dickens, Kate
• Sister: Dickens, Mary
• Brother: Dickens, Alfred Tennyson
• Brother: Dickens, Henry Fielding

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• was a friend of Irving, Washington
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27/9/1889Wilkie Collins is buried at Kensal Green Cemetery. According to his wishes he was buried in a simple grave. Among those present were his niece Jane Ward, Holman-Hunt, Pigott, George Redford, Edmund Yates, Charles Dickens the Younger, Frank Beard, Caroline Graves, Ada Cavendish, Arthur Pinero, Squire Bancroft, Sebastian Schlesinger, Andrew Chatto, A.P. Watt, Hall Caine and Edmund Gosse. In 1895 Caroline Graves was buried in the same grave. [Bancroft, Squire ][Cavendish, Ada][Collins, Wilkie][Graves, Caroline Elizabeth][Hunt, William Holman][Schlesinger, Sebastian]


The grave of Charles Dickens the Younger at Old Mortlake Burial Ground, London.
Picture by Androom (27 Jun 2009)


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