Carol, Martine

BORN 16 May 1922, Saint-Mandé, Val-de-Marne - DIED 6 Feb 1967, Monte Carlo, Monaco
BIRTH NAME Mourer, Marie-Louise Jeanne Nicolle de
CAUSE OF DEATH heart attack
GRAVE LOCATION Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes: Cimetière du Grand-Jas, 205 avenue de Grasse (Carré 3)

Marine Carol was born Marie Louise de Mouder. She took acting lessons with René Simon and debuted at the stage in 1940. Her movei debut took place in 1943. Her beauty soon turned her into a sex symbol and around 1950 she was among the leading actresses in France.

In 1948 she married the actor Stephen Crane, Ava Gardner's former husband. They divorced in 1953. His successor was director Christian-Jaque and this marriage lasted from 1954 until 1959. In 1955 she played one Lola Montès in the movie of the same name, one of her most memorable parts. She married the much younger doctor André Rouveix in 1959, but they divorced in 1962. By this time her star was fading fast and her last movie "Hell Is Empty" was shot in 1963 but not released until 1967.

There was turbulence in her private life apart from her marriages: she used drugs and in 1947 she attempted suicide by throwing herself in the Seine after an affair with the actor Georges Marchal. At a certain time she was even kidnapped gangster Pierre Loutrel, but soon he released her and apologized.

In 1966 she married for the last time. Her fourth husband was the extremely rich English business man Mike Eland. In 1967 he found her dead in a hotel room in Monte Carlo. She reportedly died from a heart attack.

She was buried at Père Lachaise, but her grave was violated, possibly because the press had mentioned that her jewels were buried with her. After this event her remains were moved to the Cimetière du Grand-Jas in Cannes.

10/4/1947Martine Carol jumps into the Seine. After her disastrous affair with the actor Georges Marchal she took an alcohol/drug overdose and tried to kill herself by jumping into the Seine. She was saved by a taxi driver. The event boosted her career because of the publicity.  


The grave of Martine Carol at the Cimetière du Grand-Jas, Cannes.
Picture by Androom (30 Nov 2008)


The grave of Martine Carol at the Cimetière du Grand-Jas, Cannes.
Picture by Androom (30 Nov 2008)


Martine Carol.
Picture by G.B. Poletto/Ufa


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