Paracelsus, Theofrastus

BORN 14 Oct 1493, Einsiedeln - DIED 24 Sep 1541, Salzburg
BIRTH NAME Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim
GRAVE LOCATION Salzburg: St. Sebastiansfriedhof

Paracelsus was born as Philip von Hohenheim as the son of a chemist and physician. He grew up in Maria Einsiedln and studied medicine at Basel and Vienna. He worked as a pysician and he travelled through Germany, France, Spain and other countries.

Although he rejected Gnostic traditions, he was a follower of Hermetical science. Although he practised astrology he didn't consider himself to be a magician.

He researched the use of chemicals and minerals in medical science, but his arrogance irritated other physicians and within a year after his appointment he was forced to leave his chair at University of Basel. He left the city after legal problems and wrnt to Europe, Africa and parts of Asa, always obtaining knowledge by collecting and revising old manuscripts. He was hardly able to publish his own writings.

In 1536 "Die grosse Wundartznei" ("The Great Surgery Book") was published and made him famous. He died of natural causes aged only 48 and he was buried at the St. Sebastian church in Salzburg according to his own wishes. There still is a tomb for him at the porch of the church.

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The grave monument of Paracelsus at the St. Sebastiansfriedhof, Salzburg.
Picture by Androom (26 Aug 2000)


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