George, Stefan

BORN 12 Jul 1868, Büdesheim, Rheinland-Pfalz (near Bingen) - DIED 4 Dec 1933, Minusio, Ticino (near Locarno)
GRAVE LOCATION Minusio, Ticino: Cimitero, Via Rinaldo Simen 58

Stefan George was the son of an inn keeper and wine merchant. When he was five years old the family moved from Büdesheim to nearby Bingen. He attended the Ludwig-Georgs-Gymnasium in Darmstadt. When he was nineteen, with other students he started the literary journal "Rosen und Disteln". He published his first poem under the name of Edmund Delorme. After school he didn't enter university but he travelled to London and Paris. In Paris he attended Stéphan Mallarmé's soirées. He also visited Vienna, where he met Hugo von Hofmannsthal in 1891.

In the 1890 he edited the literaty magazine "Blätter für die Kunst" and he was the main member of a group called the Georg-Kreis that also included Friedrich Gundolf and Ludwig Klages. Fanny zu Reventlow became a friend. He was a homosexual and promoted a celibate life to his friends.

In 1916 he wrote his poem "Der Krieg" and he had already predicted a bad ending of the war for Germany before that time. In the 1920s he longed for a more noble Germany culture and his poetry was discovered and adapted by the NSDAP. In 1928 his last volume of poetry "Das neue Reich" was published. In 1933 he refused an offer by Goebbels to become president of a new academy for the arts. When preparations for his 65th birthday started he left for Switzerland, where died in Minusio near Locarno.

He was buried at the old cemetery in Minusio before a delegation from the German government could arrive to attend the funeral. In 1982 his remains were transported to the new cemetery of Minusio.

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• translated work by Baudelaire, Charles
• was admired by Benn, Gottfried
• translated work by Dante Alighieri
• influenced Gundolf, Friedrich
• was a friend of Hofmannsthal, Hugo von
• translated work by Shakespeare, William
• was a friend of Vollmoeller, Karl


The grave of Stefan George at the cemetery of Minusio, Ticino.
Picture by Androom (17 Feb 2019)


The grave of Stefan George at the cemetery of Minusio, Ticino.
Picture by Androom (17 Feb 2019)


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