Harbou, Thea von

BORN 27 Dec 1888, Tauperlitz, Bayern (near Hof) - DIED 1 Jul 1954, Berlin
BIRTH NAME Harbou, Thea Gabriele von
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Friedhof Heerstrasse, Trahkener Allee 1, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (Feld 6-H-10 (Ehrengrab))

Thea von Harbou was of aristocratic descent. Her first novel "Wenn's Morgen wird" was published in the Deutsche Roman-Zeitung in 1905, but after that she started working as an actress in Düsseldorf in 1906. Engagements in Weimar (1908), Chemnitz (1911) and Aachen (1913) followed. In Aachen she met the actor Rudolf Kleine-Rogge and they married in 1914.

In 1918 she went to Berlin with her husband. Her book "Die nach uns kommen" (1910) had been successful and she concentrated on writing. In 1920 she wrote the film script for "Das Indische Grabmal" together with Fritz Lang. She divorced Klein-Rogge and married Lang in 1922. They collaborated on the screenplays for "Metropolis" and "M". In 1931 they seperated and a divorce followed in 1933. In 1932 she had joined the NSDAP. Lang left Germany in 1934 after his movie "Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse" had been declared illegal because it was thought to criticize nazism.

Harbou continued to write screenplays during the Third Reich. After the war she was imprisoned by the British authorities. After she was freed and had obtained a working permit she wrote stories for newspapers, German words for foreign movies and also returned to writing scripts.

In 1954 she was a guest of honour when "Der müde Tot" (1921) was shown in Berlin. When she left the cinema she slipped and fell so badly that she died a few days later.

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10/1/1927Premiere of Fritz Lang's movie "Metropolis" in Berlin. The premiere took place at the UFA-Palast am Zoo. [Fröhlich, Gustav]


The grave of Thea von Harbou at Friedhof Heerstrasse, Berlin.
Picture by androom (25 Aug 2006)


The grave of Thea von Harbou at Friedhof Heerstrasse, Berlin.
Picture by androom (25 Aug 2006)


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