Bell, Quentin

BORN 19 Oct 1910, London - DIED 16 Dec 1996, Firle, Sussex
REAL NAME Bell, Quentin Claudian Stephen
GRAVE LOCATION West Firle, East Sussex: St. Peter's Churchyard

Son of Vanessa and Clive Bell. In his youth his aunt Virginia Woolf told him 'you will always be ignorant and illiterate' but that turned out differently. He became a professor of fine art and wrote several books about the Bloomsbury Group , among them "Virginia Woolf: A Biography". He was also active as a painter and as a sculptor.

He marrie Anne Popham, with whom he had three children. Author Angela Garnett was his half-sister. He died in 1996 in Firle, Sussex and was buried there near his mother.

• Mother: Bell, Vanessa


The grave of Quentin Bell at St. Peter's Churchyard, West Firle, Sussex.
Picture by Androom (03 Oct 2014)


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