Bülow, Daniela von

BORN 12 Oct 1860, Berlin - DIED 28 Jul 1940, Bayreuth
REAL NAME Bülow, Daniela Senta von
GRAVE LOCATION Bayreuth, Bayern: Stadtfriedhof

First daughter of Hans von Bülow and Cosima Liszt. When she was seven years old the marriage of her parents was over and after the formal divorce Cosima married Richard Wagner, who treated her as his own child.

She was a good pianist and was also active in literature and art history. In 1886 she married the art historian Professor Henry Thode, who was the son of the American consul. After several years of marriage in Frankfurt am Main he fell in love with violinist Hertha Tegner. They seperated in 1914 and she returned to Bayreuth.

In Bayreuth she was responsible for the costumes for the Festspiele and she published the letters of Hans Von Bülow to Wagner. She was an early supporter of national socialism and became a member of the NSDAP, believing like many others that Hitler might be the saviour of Germany. She died in 1940 in Bayreuth.

• Mother: Liszt, Cosima
• Father: Bülow, Hans von
• Sister: Bülow, Isolde von
• Brother: Wagner, Siegfried
• Sister: Bülow, Eva von

• Marek, George R., Cosima Wagner, Ein Leben für ein Genie, Knaur, München, 1993
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The grave of Daniela Thode-Von Bülow at the Stadtfriedhof, Bayreuth.
Picture by Androom (24 Jan 2006)


Bülow, Eva von

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