Ruskin, John

BORN 8 Feb 1819, London - DIED 20 Jan 1900, Brandwood, Lancashire
GRAVE LOCATION Coniston, Cumbria: St. Andrew's Churchyard

Writer of extensive works on art in which he emphasized the importance of nature for spiritual health. He was among the first to recognize the qualities of Turner and defended the pre-raphaelites against the vigorous attacks by the critics. He had a huge personal fortune that he used for filantropic projects. His marriage to Effie Gray was annulled on the groud of non-consummation and she married his friend John Millais, whose work he had always praised highly. From 1858 on he loved Rose La Touche, until even after her death in 1875.

Ruskin blasted the paintings of Whistler and wrote about "Nocturne in Black and Gold: the Falling Rocket" that Whistler was 'flinging a pot of paint in the public face' and that asking 200 guineas for it was nearly wilful imposture. Whistler sued him for this and a trial surrounded by much publicity followed. Ruskin wasn't present, and Whistler won after a brilliant defense. But since he was awarded only one farthing in damages and had to pay the costs of the trial, he eventually went bankrupt.

Work: "Modern painters" (five volumes, 1860).

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