Flickenschildt, Elisabeth

BORN 16 Mar 1905, Hamburg: Blankenese - DIED 26 Oct 1977, Stade, Niedersachsen
REAL NAME Flickenschildt, Elisabeth Ida Marie
GRAVE LOCATION Bernau am Chiemsee-Hittenkirchen, Bayern: Friedhof

Elisabeth Flickenschildt was born in Hamburg-Blankenese as the daughter of captain Heinrich Flickenschildt. She was educated for the fashgion business but against her father's wishes she ended her education to visit the acting school in Hamburg. Robert Nhil was one of her teachers.

In 1931 she made her stage debut and in 1933 she was employed by Otto Falckenberg at the Kammerspiele in Munich. There she worked for three years. She was a lesbian, but in 1936 she married Ralf Badenhausen. In 1937 she moved to Berlin where she joined the Deutschen Theater and the Staatstheater in Berlin. In 1941 she bought a farm at Hittenkirchen am Chiemgau in Bavaria. She worked in Berlin under Gustaf Grüindgens from 1941 onwards. In 1944 she divorced Badenhausen formally but they stayed together. She had joined the NSDAP in 1932 and in 1944 she was on Hitler's list of irreplacable actors. Between 1937 and 1943 she appeared in several well known movies.

After the war she was imprisoned for a short time because she was suspected of false answers to questions regaring her denazification. She lived on her farm "Maria Rast". In 1946 she appeared on the stage in Tübingen and Gründgens asked for her services again in 1947. She joined him in Düsseldorf and in 1955 "Flicki", as he called her, followed Gründgens to Hamburg. There she appeared as Marthe Schwerdtlein in "Faust" with Gründgens playing Mephisto once again.

After Gründgens resigned in Hamburg died almost immediately afterwards in 1963 she held no other permanent engagement. She appeared in guest performances, on tours, in television productions and in second rate movies. In 1967 she received a Bambi and in 1975 she was awarded the Große Bundesverdienstkreuz. In 1971 she published an autobiography, "Kind mit roten Haaren - Ein Leben wie ein Traum". After a car accident she died in 1977 another farm in Guderhandviertel in Stade, Lower Saxony that she had bought in 1976.

Related persons
• cooperated with Falckenberg, Otto
• cooperated with Gründgens, Gustaf
• was pupil to Nhil, Robert


The grave of Elisabeth Flickenschildt at the cemetery of Hittenkirchen near the Chiemsee, Bavaria.
Picture by Androom (17 Aug 2012)


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Elisabeth Flickenschildt

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