Webster Wedderburn, Frances

BORN 23 May 1793 - DIED 22 Jan 1837
REAL NAME Annesley, Frances Caroline

The prettiest of the two blonde daughters of Arthur Annesley, first Earl of Mountnorris and Sarah Cavendish. She married Lord Byron's friend James Wedderburn Webster. She flirted in 1813 with Byron when he was staying under their roof. When they were finally alone together at two in the morning in his home she burst into tears and he 'spared her'. His poem "When we two parted" is about her and her alleged relationship with the Duke of Wellington in Brussels in 1815. He wrote this after he had heard that she wanted to go after Wellington. The newspapers wrote that Lady Frances and the Duke saw each other, but there is no evidence they were lovers.

Frances and James had five children: Lucy Sarah Anne (2 Mar 1812 - 24 Apr 1864), Charles Byron (28 Aug 1815, Paris - Oct 1817, Nantes), Charles Francis (1 Jul 1820 - 28 Feb 1886), Augustus George Henry Desiré (Nov 1821, Boulogne - 1845, Jamaica) and George Gordon Gerald (12 Dec 1827 - 20 Aug 1875).

Her sister Catherine married Lord John Somerset. She also had a brother, George, who wrote about his travels to India and Egypt.

• Husband: Webster Wedderburn, James (1810-)

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• had a relationship with Byron, George Noel Gordon
• had a relationship with Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of

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Webster Wedderburn, James

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