Schiller, Ernst von

BORN 11 Jul 1796, Jena, Thüringen - DIED 29 May 1842, Villich, Nordrhein-Westfalen
REAL NAME Sciller, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm von
GRAVE LOCATION Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen: Alter Friedhof

Ernst von Schiller was the son of the poet Schiller and his wife Charlotte von Lengefeld. He studied law in Heidelberg and Jena. He worked as a civil servant in Weimar and in Prussia. In 1823 he married Maria Magdalena von Pfingsten, the widow of judge Caspar von Mastiaux.

In 1828 he obtained a position at the court in Trier en in 1835 in Cologne. He suffered from a lung disease and died in 1842 at the same age his father had died in 1805. He was buried in his mother's grave in Bonn.

• Father: Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von
• Mother: Lengefeld, Charlotte von
• Wife: Schiller von Pfingsten, Maria Magdalena von (1823-1842, Bonn: Remigiuskirche)
• Sister: Junot-Schiller, Karoline
• Brother: Schiller, Karl, Freiherr von


The grave of Charlotte von Lengefeld and her son Ernst von Schiller at the Alter Friedhof, Bonn.
Picture by Androom (23 Apr 2005)


Stadt Bonn - Stadtmuseum

Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von

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