Reveley, Henry Willey

BORN c1788 - DIED 27 Jan 1875, Reading, Berkshire
GRAVE LOCATION Reading, Berkshire: Reading Cemetery, Cemetery Junction

Son of architect Willey Reveley (designer of the Church of All Saints at Southampton) and Maria James, later known as Maria Gisborne, the friend of the Shelley. He studied under John Rennie, the architect of Waterloo Bridge and also in Italy. The Shelleys liked him a lot and Shelley invested in his project to realise a steamboat line between Leghorn and Marseille, but eventually it came to nothing.

On 20 Jan 1824 he married Cleobulina (b.1790, also known as Amelia), the sister of the painter Copley Fielding and in 1826 they left for South Africa, where he worked as an engineer. In 1829 they moved on to Western Australia, where he was the very first engineer and architect and built most of the important buildings in what would become known as the city of Perth (the jail and the courthouse were still there in 1956). In 1838 he left Perth for New Bedford and he returned to England with his wife. Little is known of him from then on, but he lectured on arts and science and he published a few articles before he died in Reading in 1875.

• Mother: Gisborne, Maria

Related persons
• knew Shelley, Mary
• knew Shelley, Percy Bysshe

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Reznicek, Emil Nikolaus Freiherr von

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