Byron, Augusta Mary

BORN 26 Jan 1784 - DIED 12 Oct 1851, Flag Court, St. James Palace, Middlesex
GRAVE LOCATION London: Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green (Catacombs B/Vault 29/Comp 2 of 4)

Half-sister of the poet Lord Byron (she was a daughter from the first marriage of Jack Byron with Amelia, Baroness Conyers). She was born in France. In 1807 she married her cousin Colonel George Leigh, who was a very helpless gentleman according to Byron. She had seven children. Around 1813 she almost certainly had an incestuous relationship with her half-brother and possibly the poet was the father of her daughter Elizabeth Medora.

In 1815 she became Lady of the Bedchamber to queen Charlotte and she met Byron for the last time on 14 April 1816, before he left England forever. Allthough she received a significant inheritance after he died in 1824 she was always pressed for money. Sometimes her children were in trouble and it is also possible that she was blackmailed because of her affair with her half-brother.

In later years Byron's widow Annabella Milbanke would haunt Augusta with her sins. On 8 April 1851 Augusta and Annabella, who hadn't seen each other for twenty years, met for the last time. Annabella expected a confession that Byron hadn't returned to her because of Augusta and Augusta only wanted a reconciliation. On 26 April she wrote Annabella once more that she had never set the poet up against his wife. She died a few months afterwards.

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Byron, George Noel Gordon

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