Baudelaire, Charles

BORN 9 Apr 1821, Paris - DIED 31 Aug 1867, Paris
REAL NAME Baudelaire, Pierre-Charles
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Montparnasse Cimetière (division 06)

Son of a civil servant. His father died in 1827 and his mother married Jacques Apick, who became ambassador of France in several countries in later years. He was educated in Lyon and Paris. In 1839 he decided to statt a literary career. He led a wild life he was sent to India in 1841 to make him change his life. But he was back in Paris within a year. In 1842 he met Jeanne Duval, a dancer and actress from Haiti, who was his mistress and muse for twenty years.

His art reviews attracted attention in 1845. In 1848 he took part in the revolution. He liked Gothic novels and translated the works of Poe in French. In 1857 he published his first volume of poetry, "Les fleurs du mal". They caused a scandal because they were about sex and death. Prosecution followed and some of the poems we suppressed. An edition without these poems followed in 1861.

After his publisher Poulet Malassis went bankrupt his financial position became difficult and in 1864 he moved to Brussels. In Brussels he drank heavily. In 1866 he fell during a visit to the Saint-Loup church in Namur and soon afterwards he was found in a bad state in a café. Soon afterwards he was discovered paralyzed at his home. He was taken back to Paris and lived in rest homes until he died in 1867, probably of syphilis.

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• was a friend of Dierx, Léon
• was a friend of Gautier, Théophile
• knew Morisot, Berthe
• influenced Rops, Félicien


The grave of Charles Baudelaire at the Montparnasse cemetery, Paris.
Picture by Androom (07 Mar 1995)


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