Adlon, Louis

BORN 3 Oct 1874, Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz - DIED 7 May 1945, Falkensee, Brandenburg
BIRTH NAME Adler, Ludwig Anton
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Alter Domfriedhof der St.-Hedwigs-Gemeinde, Liesenstrasse 8 (WG Feld Mauer 2)

Louis Adler was the son of Lorenz Adlon and his wife Susanne (born Wannsiedel). His father founded the luxury hotel Adlon in Berlin. After his father died Louis took over the management until his own death. He had five children with his first wife Ottillie Metzger. After their divorce he married Hedda Burger (born Seiten).

In the 1920s the hotel was visited by Malene Dietrich, Josephine Baker, Charley Chaplin, Thomans Mann and many other celebrities. After the nazis came to power most of them stayed away. In 1940 both he and Hedda joined the NSDAP.

The hotel survived the war until 1945 but it burnt down when it was plundered by the Russian troops. Adler was arrested by the Russians and died under unclear circumstances in Falkensee. Hedda recovered his body and it was buried provisionally. Later it was moved to the Alter Domfriedhof in Berlin.

• Father: Adlon, Lorenz


The grave of Lorenz Adlon at the St. Hedwig-Friedhof I, Berlin.
Picture by androom (27 Mar 2007)


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