Angelelli, Massimiliano, marquis Malvezzi

BORN 28 Aug 1775, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna - DIED 31 May 1853, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna
GRAVE LOCATION Bologna, Emilia-Romagna: Cimitero monumentale della Certosa di Bologna, Via della Certosa 18

Massimiliano Angelelli was the son of Giuseppe Maria Angelelli, a scholar and senator in Bologna, and Teresa Malaspina di Lunigiana. He studied in Modena and Rome, after his father was appointed ambassador of the Bolognese Senate to the papal court in 1793. He abandoned his law studies and studied Italian, Latin and Greek letters. He translated many works from Greek into Italian. His translation of "Antigone" was published in 1815. He was a disciple of Giuseppe Gasparo Mezzofanti (1774-1849) and he succeeded him at the University of Bologna in 1832. There he taught Greek and from 1837 to 1847 also ancient and modern history. Marco Minghetti and Luigi Frati were among his students.

He was also a music lover and played first violin in a quartet that was set up by Ferdinand Hiller in Bologna. He also helped Rossini to German scores. He was several times councilor of the munipality of Bologna and Pius IX elected him into the High Council in 1848 during the consitutional period.

His grave monument at the Certosa cemetery in Bologna was probably designed by Massimiliano Putti and has a sculpture from Lorenzo Bartolini. The sculpture was originally intended for Elisa Bonaparte (1777-1820) but it wasn't accepted by her widower Felix Baciocchi because of an imperfection in the marble. After a long dispute and the death of Baciocchi it was sold to Massimiliano Malvezzi Angelelli who placed it on the family tomb at the Certosa cemetery where he was buried himself after his death in 1853.

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• has a connection with Hiller, Ferdinand
• was teacher of Minghetti, Marco


The tomb of Massimiliano Angelelli at the Cimitero monumentale della Certosa, Bologna is known as the Malvezzi Angelelli tomb.
Picture by Androom (10 Feb 2017)


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