Smithers, Leonard

BORN 19 Dec 1861, Sheffield, South Yorkshire - DIED 19 Dec 1907, London: Westminster
CAUSE OF DEATH cirrhosis of the liver
GRAVE LOCATION London: Fulham Cemetery, 62 Bronsart Road (Row B, IX)

Leonard Smithers worked as a solicitor after qualifying in 1884. He befriended Sir Richard Francis Burton and published his translation of "Book of One Thousand and One Nights" in 1885. After that he published works by Aubrey Beardsley, Aleister Crowley, Max Beerbohm, Arthur Symons, Oscar Wilde and others. Thus, he was associated with the Decadent movement of the late 19th century.

After Oscar Wilde was tried in 1895 there were few publishers left who published 'decadent' literature, but Smithers was still one of them. In 1900 he went bankrupt and in 1907 his body was fund on his 46th birthday in Parson's Green. He had died from cirrhosis of the liver, and he was buried in an unmarked grave that was paid for by Lord Alfred Douglas. Only in recent times a headstone was placed on his grave.

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The grave of Leonard Smithers at Fulham Cemetery, Bronsart Road, Londoon.
Picture by Androom (15 Apr 2024)


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